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We may be in danger from our own moon. Hostile aliens have established numerous bases there and exercise complete control of this nearby neighbor. Using information found in secret alien files and never before seen photographs, hot spots of extraterrestrial activity on the moon are revealed in this book and close ups of extraterrestrial complexes, UFOs, and ancient cities are shown. , ,One of the most striking discoveries on the lunar surface is a graveyard which appears to contain a section set aside for human burial. Perhaps for those individuals who have been killed chasing UFOs or who have mysteriously disappeared during encounters with aliens. ,In the chapter titled &ldquo,Encounters between astronauts and aliens&rdquo, proof is supplied that the coded communications between the astronauts on the surface of the Moon and NASA really did happen and were faithfully recorded by amateur radio operators on earth. , While these secret discussions were taking place on the surface, photos were being taken from orbit, revealing the sights that the astronauts were describing to NASA. , These images will be shown for the first time anywhere in this book along with the transcripts of the actual recordings that accompanied them! , The photographs exist as part of my historical lunar library and have been removed from public view by the space agency. ,Several sites of ancient lunar Bronze Age like settlements are also captured in rare photos, proving that life native to this world once existed on the surface. But massive subterranean explosions detonated by aliens &ndash, and reported by Apollo astronauts - point toward a disastrous future for both the moon and the earth as the interior of our satellite is fragmented. , ,Aliens have already barred us from the moon will they come to claim the earth next? The Christian Bible warns of an Apocalypse where the moon falls from the sky and mountains plunge into the seas. Will our Apocalypse be brought about by the acts of extraterrestrials who seek to claim the remains of our world ravaged by the fragments of an exploded moon? , This is one of the many complex questions with which this fascinating non-fiction book deals as the nature of the alien control of the moon is examined._,

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